Moshe Jonas Asset Management Ltd. was founded in Jerusalem in 2006 by Mr. Moshe Jonas. From its inception, the firm's only purpose has been to provide investment portfolio management services to individuals. With Mr. Jonas the sole owner of the firm, there is no affiliation with any corporate, banking, or insurance organization. Accordingly, there is never a conflict of interest, and thus each customer can rest assured that only his interest is pursued in all transactions. 

Moshe Jonas Asset Management Ltd. provides professional investment portfolio management to individuals. The firm is dedicated to give personal service to each client, building the investment portfolio according to the client's age, financial situation, sensitivity to risk, and personal objectives.

We recognize that every client is unique; however, in our professional experience we have seen that most of them often share a common factor: To protect, maintain, and improve their financial well being in a rapidly changing world.

The firm manages each client's portfolio through a personal account with one of the members of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or a Swiss bank.

The firm has a power of attorney to buy and sell securities only, but cannot withdraw money from the account.

The client has complete access to the funds in his/her account, and can realize part or all of the money within a few days, depending solely on market conditions. Clients have the option to see their portfolios on the Internet in real time, accessible by a dedicated password.

You can be certain that your interest comes first as our business is founded on three key principles - independence, integrity, and transparency. The firm is not affiliated with any other organization, financial or otherwise, and thus there is never a conflict of interest.

Moshe Jonas Asset Management Ltd. already manages the investments of hundreds of clients in Israel and abroad. The firm offers investors to take advantage of Mr. Jonas' long and successful experience on the Israeli capital market and his extensive connections in the business in Israel and abroad.

Moshe Jonas Asset Management Ltd. is licensed by the Israeli Securities Authorities and thus maintains the required capital and insurance coverage, according to the regulations.